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PostSubject: Miikai Yamaoto   Miikai Yamaoto Icon_minitimeWed Aug 26, 2015 6:01 am

Name: Miikai Yamaoto
Age: Looks 27 is about 5000 years old
Gender: Male
Nickname(s): The silent one, The condemed
Alias(es): The fallen
Birth Date: 11/04/xxxx
Species: Vizard
Occupation: Construction worker
Squad: Ex squad 1
Seat: Ex Captaion
Rank:: (Espada, Privaron, etc.) [Arrancar Only]
Affiliation(s): Vizords
Appearance: Miikai Yamaoto Captain_harlock_fanart_by_cyberarts1st-d6k3zjz

Height: 7'0
Weight: 210 pds
he is a cold and calculating person, always looking for the opertunity to seize the upperhand in any situation. He struggles with gripping his inner hollow and his life as a rogue shingami.
A massive pillar in the spirtual world, any soul or spirit who faces Miikai know what they step into. In the human world, he is a high ranking member in his cities black market, knowing all the underhanded people to make him connections to gain whatever he needs.
Love Interest(s):
Friend(s): none
Family: none
Fighting Style:quick and effective, having studied many styles through his lifespam, he is able to adjust on the spot to most styles through at him.
Zanpakuto: Thunder and lightning
Zanpakuto Type: Storm
Zanpakuto Spirit: Thunder and lightning
Zanpakuto Appearance(s): Miikai Yamaoto 0613e3668c57a4607fc6f5ecd3eaeb71
Sealed: Miikai Yamaoto Latest?cb=20130808181938
Shikai: Release call "Crack the skies lightning, roar boldly thunder."
Once relseased, a bolt of lighting flashes down as the sky darkens. The lightning stays until rain begins to fall, with which his swords will have changed.
Image: Miikai Yamaoto The_Twin_Blades_by_crayishikara
Bankai:will finish later
( Only applies to races that use a zanpakuto )
Inner Hollow
Description: Miikai's inner hollow looks like a reversed color of Miiikai, however this monster lives for the blood shed. In combat, once fulyl relseased it has been known to slaughter cities in minutes.
Level three: A Vizard with level three can maintain control of their hollow for 7 posts and up with a 2 post resting period after losing their mask before pulling it out again
Hollow Abilites: Massive increase in all aspects of power. Is able to fire ceros from his fingers, hald an inch thin but can go for miles.
(Only applies to Vizords)

Kido Techniques:
is able to use up to level 90 kido and the banned list.
Character History: Miikai was aroundfor ages, roaming the spirit world with nothing but a sword in his hands and a voice in his head. being a member of the yamaoto family, he was one of the first ones reached out when the 13 court was formed however he refused, his powers unstable as his mind at the time. Spending a thousand years in hueco mundo, his mind finally quiet for years, he trained until he discovered the very core of his soul and found a monster. Disguested at first, he spent his time killing massive threats before they made their way to the world of the living or scrapped with lordes, always being forced back. Then he spend time in meditation, focuing and trying to accept his inner beast. After feeling he had a better control on it, he returned to the soul society only to find his family nearly gone, the old man dead, and the 13 needing strong leaders. He was discovered quickly and brought before the current captain commander, who offered miikai a place as a captain. However before he was even in a year into his new role, his beast, his hollow broke the barriers in his mind and took control.  This started a time of horror for the shinigami as anyone who stood before Miikai was slaughtered. However in his soul Miikai and his hollow fought, seemingly an endless battle until Miikai got a lucky stab into the Hollows heart and absorbed him. Ripping his way back to the world around him, he came to a place of ruin, lives lost and broken bodies around him, he noticed the commander and every captain laid before him, their bodies cold. Panicing, he left to the human world where he has been hiding ever since. That time of slaughter was recorded as the time of death, which the cause of which was never discovered.
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Miikai Yamaoto
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