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PostSubject: Kami(Captain Commander)   Kami(Captain Commander) Icon_minitimeThu Aug 27, 2015 10:48 am

Personal Information


Captain Kami

Orange King Running Through Time

Birth Date:
November 1st


Shinigami Captain Commander

First Division


Affiliation(s): Thirteen Court Guard Squads (Thirteen Divisions)

Kami(Captain Commander) C_data11


Kami is an excitable man with a boisterous personality. He loves meeting new people, having friendly competitions, and gambling. Kami is a man who seeks peace by spreading his wisdom and resolving issues diplomatically. He is exceptionally wise, being the currently oldest shinigami.
He tries to use the least amount of force necessary to complete the mission’s objective, only resorting to lethal force when absolutely required. He is known to give opponents the opportunity to surrender prior to or in the middle of combat. Though many mistake this for sarcasm or arrogance, he is sincere with his words.
He is a very intelligent man, able to methodically learn new forms of study including languages, fighting styles and cultures with relative ease. He also seems to be a perfectionist that would keep at something until he mastered it. He cares a great deal for his duties and loyalty to the protection of the soul society. He does not make assumptions about people based on appearances and tries to get to know the individuals he comes into contact with. He applies this both on and off of the battlefield.
Kami is modest man, openly admitting to his personal mistakes when made. Despite his high status, he also believes that all are equal in the Gotei 13 and unity is the key to unmatched power. He is also laid-back in speaking as he speaks using slang words.

Fame and Relations:

As the Captain-Commander Kami is and considered by many as the supreme leader of the Gotei 13. Subordinates, upon meeting him, tend to remark that neither extreme of his personality is very fitting for the leader of Gotei 13. Usually after being reprimanded or watching him in combat this opinion changes. Central 46 finds his intelligence and loyalty extremely refined which is why they picked him to take the position of captain commander.

Love Interest(s):

None Noteworthy

None Noteworthy


Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Kami's preferred method of combat: Zanjutsu. The centuries time spent fighting in Hueco Mundo, and the gruelingly intense tutelage under the former captain commander Kami has honed his expertise with the sword to being one of his greatest skills. Because he was never taught a specific style of swordsmanship, Kami has an unpredictable and unconventional fighting style. This trait has proven time and time again to be valuable against opponents more accustomed to fighting individuals utilizing traditional fighting methods.

Zanjutsu Techniques:
Ken’atsu (剣圧, Sword Pressure): With a simple swing of his sword, Kami can release a large concussive burst of air pressure capable of significant-scale damage. Although appearing as faint ripples in the breeze, these exceptionally powerful blades of wind can carve through mountain ranges.

Isei Chishasen (威勢 血斜線, Might Bloodslash): Kami developed a technique where he makes a deep slash across an opponent’s chest/mid-rift, packed with his spiritual energy and his strength, which possesses extreme cuttings power. This spiritual energy acts to part the opponents, making Hierro and other hardened skin techniques, almost but useless against this technique. Seconds following the initial strike, blood erupts from the wound.

Hitotsume: Nadegiri (撫で斬り, "The First: Killing Stroke"): This basic technique allows for a precision cut of extreme force and speed, it can casually slice through large, multi-story high opponents protected by steel skin. The opponent can be killed with one swift slash so precise, that they aren't even aware of until after it has taken place.

Ōda Shimoni (殴打下に, lit. "Strike Downward"): A basic technique, Kami is able to cut each tendon in the opponent's legs with extreme striking speed. Due to the speed of this technique, the cutting is said to be painless and the opponent doesn't know they have been cut until it's too late. This technique is aimed towards incapacitating foes without wasting spiritual energy.

Great Spiritual Power: Being the Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13, Kami boasts a massive and overwhelmingly powerful reiatsu that is believed to be capable of bringing total despair and destruction to the world if released all at once. His potent levels also give him a high level of regeneration from most injuries. Shunsui theorized that you could divide Kami 73 times and each portion are still more than the collective souls in the soul society. When released in small portions it stirs a series of massive natural disasters around him. Kami's reiatsu aura color is a bright orange outlined white.

Reishi Shinwa Ryoku (芝親和性, Reishi Affinity): Kami was born with a strong affinity to reishi, particles of spiritual energy that make up the Soul Society and spirit beings. This unique ability requires no focus on Kami's part to be activated. This deeply ingrained disposition strengthened into a powerful sensing ability, which then continued to evolve as Kami grew up in constant combat. He is capable of detecting constructs of spirit energy, be it objects or spiritual entities, and see their exact shapes in a "black and white" setting, though not all features are detailed. Since he does not see out of his eyes, he is not bound to its limits so he can see in a full 360 degree vision. He apparently has no limit on his range of sensory.

Sōsai (相殺, lit. Mututal Cancellation) An ability which nullifies an opponent's non-physical attack by striking it with another attack of perfectly opposite power. Being able to only see and feel reishi/reiatsu makes Kami extremely proficient in knowing how much power is needed to cancel out an attack. He prefers this defensive measure over dodging or blocking an ability.

Jinkei (神径, lit. "Godpath"): Jinkei is the name given to the Strahd's Breaking Points. Breaking Points are flaws in the fabric of Reishi constructs where an applied spiritual force can literally break the entire construct to pieces. In order to properly trigger these points, the practitioner must channel a vibrating push of Reishi into it, creating a chain reaction that leads to either extreme damage or complete destruction of whatever is struck. Most notably, Quincy and Zanpakutō are the perfect targets for Jinkei. The former, when struck, loses their ability to manipulate Reishi into their bodies, forcibly turning off their Blut abilities. It can also destroy the vast majority of Ginto, bows, arrows, and other Quincy techniques made of Reishi. However, a Shinigami's Zanpakutō are stronger and more durable, but a solid strike to the kabuki--where the guard and blade meet--or multiple to the blade is often all it takes to shatter them.

Supirichuaru kakuchō(スピリチュアル拡張, Spiritual Extension) Kami will materialize raw reiatsu to form arms, which he can freely manipulate to attack their foes. The arms hands are clawed while the rest of the arm seems to lack any kind of joint, thus allowing them to have flexible movements that will generally be impossible for normal arms. Kami can create any number of arms that he desires and they can also serve other purposes such as grappling hooks, to either grab onto objects or enemies from great distances.

Shunpo Master: Considered to be the one of the most proficient Hohō masters in the Soul Society, comparable to Yoruichi who is also highly skilled in the use of Hohō. Though this is by no means a unique skill, as most seated officers are capable of performing it to various degrees, Kami holds the title "Orange King Running Through Time" because he has mastered this ability to the point where he can appear to be in several places at once.

Hakuda Master: While it is not his favorite fighting style, Kami remains a highly skilled and dangerous combatant even without his Zanpakutō.

Zanpakutō: Banbutsu No Sōzō (万物の創造, Creation of All Things )

Zanpakutō Type: Unclassified

Zanpakutō Spirit: Aratana hajimari(新たな始まり, New Beginning) Is the embodying spirit of Kami's zanpakuto. Aratana hajimari is shown with the horns of a stag, sharp teeth, green scaly skin, red eyes, four toes on each foot, a long serpentine body (his tail takes up three-fourths of his length), long flowing whiskers, a long snout, crescent shaped nostrils, and flowing green hair on his cheeks. Aratana hajimari to some extent carries some qualities as Kami being as Intelligent and wise as his wielder. Aratana is a very prideful and boasts about its lineage. It uses "ore" (オレ) when referring to itself. He is cynical and shrewd, along with a somewhat twisted sense of humor. Aratana is also very arrogant, as the spirit believes itself to be the strongest of all zanpakuto.
Spirit Appearance: Kami(Captain Commander) C_data15

In sealed Kami's zanpakuto is a basic katana that he usually carries in his coat.

Shikai: Banbutsu No Sōzō in shikai allows Kami to create anything with his imagination from physical forms of life to non living objects and Restore/Maintain the life or limbs of anyone they touch. The shikai command is " Bring Forth Boundless Form " which will result in the zanpakuto taking the form of a light grey broad and flat sword with a brown talisman hanging from the bottom.
Shikai Appearance[b]:Kami(Captain Commander) C_data10

[b]Shikai Techniques
Sōsei(創世, Creation of the World )This technique was developed by Kami to put use to his zanpakuto's ability to create form from nothingness then with mere thought, bring it to life.

Gurēto tokugi(グレート特技, Great Feats) This technique allows the Kami to manifest and materialise his will into a black substance or material for different purposes.

Atarashī jinsei(新しい人生, New Life) Is technique where Kami stabilises life forces and restore missing organs through physical contact.

b] Mugen no sōzō(無限の創造, Boundless Creation) While retaining the ability of it's shikai the bankai allows Kami to control his own state of existence, as well as anyone or anything he's touching and manifest things inside of limbo that can physical interact with things in the living and spiritual worlds.

Bankai Techniques[/img]
Rinbōsupōn(リンボースポーン, Limbo Spawn) Using his Zanpakuto, Kamie is able to project shadows of himself into the invisible world known as Limbo which is generally impossible to detect or visually perceive(They can be sensed by spiritual aware beings). The shadows can operate independently of Kami, attacking and restraining target(s) or defending the original body from harm. Kami is also capable of switching places with his shadows at any time.

Hiruma ribaibaru(昼間リバイバル, Daytime Revival) As long as he holds Mugen no sōzō, Kami can control his own state of existence, as well as anyone or anything he's touching. As a result, anytime he suffers a fatal wound, or a wound that will lead to his death, he will fade to nothingness. Moments later, he will break through the fabric of space in a location of his choosing near the conflict, doing so causes a loud noise akin to glass shattering. (It has a limit of four uses before a whole day recharge)

[b]Kido Master
: Gekido's knowledge of Kidō is so great, he can perform them without calling out their names while retaining their great potential power, whereas most users require a name to do so, if not a full incantation.

Kido Techniques:

Canon Techniques -
Hadou 1: Thrust (Shō)
-Pushes the target away from the caster.

Pyramid Seal Barrier
-This technique was used by Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto. It forms a green pyramid-shaped barrier around a the caster. It is immensely strong, able to resist all but the strongest of attacks.

Soul Burial (Konsō)
-Presses the base of a Zanpakto hilt against the forehead of a soul to send it to the Soul Society

Reverse Demon/Nullify (Hanki)
-User emits an amount of energy equal to the opponent's art to cancel it out

Green Paper Teleport
-This technique was used by Shūsuke Amagai. By throwing special sheets of paper into the area, Amagai can form a green orb of bright light around himself, teleporting himself and anyone he touches to any desired location. While teleporting, the said people's Reiatsu is completely masked

Quad Burial Barrier (Shisō Kekkai)
-This technique was used by Genryūsai Shigekuni Yamamoto, and is the seal used to lock away Kōga Kuchiki. spears are used to trap the target by their hands and legs. The target rises up into sky and is then sealed in a black coffin-like box with chains wrapping around it. The four spears then pierce the box all at once.

Quad Burial Barrier Release
-The chant used to break the Quad Burial Barrier seal.
Chant: "Gather round the supreme being with thy cleansing black souls, offering blood, a pact, and an alter. Fly hence from the blackened heavens, my beloved ebon sacrifice. Offer the holy chalice to the evil spirit residing behind the seal, lifting the six locks that have been passed down since antiquity. Now open, coffin once lost!"

Curtain Stripping (Noren Mekuri)
-A spell capable of stripping away illusionary effects.

Character History:
Approximately seventy five hundred years ago, Kami became the third Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13. Around the same time, he failed to save the life of the former captain-commander Shunsui Kyōraku. Kami comes from the province of Junrinan in the 1st District of West Rukongai. Even a young child his Reiatsu spread miles from him unknowingly.
This attracted the attention of Shunsui would soon advise the boy to become an shinigami. With Kami's natural talent, he quickly entered the Shinigami Academy and graduated early despite his age. Kami eventually joined the 10th Division under it's current captain Rangiku Matsumoto. He spent 500 years in the division and took private training under the tutelage of Shunsui at the same time.

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