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 Character Template (All Races)

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PostSubject: Character Template (All Races)   Mon Aug 10, 2015 6:46 pm

Name: (First/Last)


Gender: Male/Female



Birth Date:



Squad: [Soul Reapers Only]

Seat: [Soul Reapers Only]

Rank:: (Espada, Privaron, etc.) [Arrancar Only]

Affiliation(s): [Thirteen Court Guard Squads (Thirteen Divisions), Arrancar Army, Visoreds, etc]




[Be as detailed as you can with your character's personality. DO NOT JUST PUT DOWN WORDS! Go into depth with your character.]

(How people view your character in general)

Love Interest(s):
First/Last Name [If possible] of Love Interest (How Character Feels About Love Interest; Ex: In Denial, Does Not Realize Feelings, stuff like that [Keep it short, sweet and to the point; No need to explain the situation])



Fighting Style:


Zanpakutō Type:

Zanpakutō Spirit:

Zanpakutō Appearance(s):



( Only applies to races that use a zanpakuto )

Armor/ Appearance: Describe the alteration of your character's appearance during resurrección

Abilities: What abilities does your character gain during resurrección? Please describe each ability clearly to avoid any confusion.
(For Arrancar)
Inner Hollow

Description: Describe the appearance and disposition of your character's inner hollow.

Level Of Control: There are 3 levels of control a Vizard may have over their hollow. If they do not posses any amount of control, simply leave a 0 in this field.

Level one: A Vizard with level one can only maintain control of their hollow abilities for 1 - 2 posts with a 5 post resting period after losing their mask before pulling it out again Anyone may start with this level of control

Level two: A Vizard with level two can maintain control of their hollow abilities for 3-6 posts with a 3 post resting period after losing their mask before pulling it out again

Level three: A Vizard with level three can maintain control of their hollow for 7 posts and up with a 2 post resting period after losing their mask before pulling it out again

Hollow Abilites: List the abilities gained while controlling the inner hollow. Please be very clear about the descriptions of each ability to avoid confusion.
(Only applies to Vizords)

Bows and arrows, the likes.

Name: The Name of the equipment used

Type: Is the equipment a bow, gauntlet, or accessory?

Description: Describe the equipment here. What does it look like? Is there anything special about it?

Effect: Describe the power or effect your equipment has when it's used. Also list all limitations, if any.

Rarity:Either give a specific number that are in existence, or state the item is unlimited.
(Quincy Only)

Kido Techniques:
[ You may use created Kido but if the admins don't approve of it we will ask you to change it and will not approve your character until it's fixed]

Character History:
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Character Template (All Races)
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